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Andy's Tire Service is a commercial tire company providing professional onsite truck, agricultural, construction and industrial tire service to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and all of North Texas. We have been in the tire business since 1965 and in Arlington, Texas since 1977. Our service trucks cover the Metroplex and surrounding areas. Most employees have more than twenty years of experience in the tire business.

Andy's Tire Service was formed to fill a void in the tire industry. There were many companies that sold tires but considered service a necessary evil that was far down the list of priorities. Service is number one on our list. That is why it is part of our name. If you need tires, we would like for you to purchase them from us. But, if you can get them for less elsewhere, we still want to be your service provider by mounting and maintaining your tires. Our job is to save you money. We do that by recommending the proper tire for your application and then maintaining that tire to insure you get the maximum use of it.

We are proud to say we have employees who have been investigated and fingerprinted by the FBI, state and local authorities. Our credentials would not get us into the West Wing of the White House. They do allow us to provide service in the U.S. Treasury Currency Plant; the secured areas of United States Postal Facilities; and the AOA (flightline) of DFW Airport.

We have nothing to sell you over the internet. All the information, money-saving tips and safety warnings on this site are free. There will be a lot of detail not normally available to the public. The mysteries of tire sizes, carrying capacity/speed, liquid ballast volume & weight, rim profiles, mounting systems, lug nut types and tire repair materials & procedures will be explained and illustrated. It may take several weeks to assemble and publish all of it to the internet. Please be patient. We want it to be accurate. We don't service automobile or lawn and garden tires but we will include that info. It will just be the last posted. We will try to keep the artwork and pictures down to what is necessary to convey a clear message. We want the pages to load fast also! Links will become hot as that section is completed.

Keep in mind we will concentrate on the most common uses of tires in this area. If you are familiar with this area, you know there is no logging, rice farming or underground mining.

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